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Hello everyone! My name is De-An Chen and I am an eighth grader at Saint Paul  Academy.

Did you know that 11 percent of young adults in America can’t even point out the U.S on a map? Even worse, more than two-thirds of young Americans can’t point out the United Kingdom! The geography knowledge of an average American is abysmal, and its getting worse overtime. The sad truth is, most Americans graduate from high school and even college without ever taking a class in geography. 

Now you may say, “So what?” Two responses. First, geography illiteracy makes us narrow-minded and parochial. And what’s bad about that you may ask? Well, it makes us insular and not able to connect with the world. And second, lack of global awareness hinders efforts to promote global peace. 

What’s the solution? Geo-game is one solution! Geo-game is a fun, cheap and family-oriented geography card game that motivates students to learn geography at a young age! Through geography, Geo-game promotes global awareness and understanding!


My name is De-An Chen

Thank you for visiting Geo-game!

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